Hi there! I’m Laura and I’m the creator of Plant-Based Nomads. I was born in Switzerland, but I’m also a proud owner of 3 different passports (I’m Swiss, German and South African!). My family is all over the place and it’s gotten even worse since I married my British husband (another country to add to the never ending list of future trips to visit family!). With such an international background, it’s no surprise I’ve chosen to become fully nomadic. I first stopped calling Switzerland my home-base when I moved to South Africa in 2010 to finish secondary schooling. I briefly moved back to Switzerland a year later to earn some money, but in 2012 I became a full-time traveller. Coincidentally, 2012 was also the year I adopted a vegan lifestyle, as I could not bear to support animal cruelty any longer. This blog is where I chronicle my adventures around the world, share delicious vegan recipes that I pick up on the way and try to give you as much useful advice as possible. It’s a combination of the two big passions in my life: travel and food.


Where I’ve been

Where I've been

I have visited: Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Laos, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam

I have lived in: China,  South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand

Where am I now?

I’m currently living in Cairo, Egypt. We spontenously moved here after my husband received a job offer. It looks like we’ll be here for the next two years and hopefully we can use his TWO MONTHS holidays a year to explore other parts of the region. Sudan, I’m looking at you!

Currently: Croatia

How I afford to travel so much

While I’ve always travelled quite low-budget, I still do occasionally need money. In the past, I’ve worked in English-speaking daycare centers as a nursery assistant, had a crappy retail job for a clothing store and taught English (and a bit of German) in Spain, Thailand and China. Will (my husband) has also mainly been working as an English teacher and taught English online for  a while. Now he’s got a job in Cairo, while I’m earning a bit of extra cash teaching English to Chinese students online.

Read more about my experience working abroad in Spain here (Hint: I absolutely hated it!).

How I’m getting an education

In 2012 I ventured out into a gap year that has yet to end. After two and a half year’s of travelling I started getting a tad worried about possibly ruining my future by not going to university. That’s why I decided to get a degree while I travel the world! I enrolled in a distance learning programme with The Open University and have enjoyed every step of the way. I’m expected to graduate this year and can honestly say that studying for my Bachelors degree online has been one of the best decisions of my life!

I’m also currently learning Chinese. Read more about that here. (NOTE: No I’m not. Yup, I’ve temporarily given up on that. Now that we live in Egypt I really need to focus on Arabic…sorry China)

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