Venturing into Location-Independence: Becoming digital nomads

Becoming Location-Independent Digital Nomads

Next Saturday Will and I will temporarily move to Croatia. We’ve booked an Airbnb for a month in Split and are beyond excited. Why? Because this will be our first month as digital nomads! We finally managed to get everything sorted and are now becoming location-independent. The plan is to slowly move from Croatia to Asia, eventually ending up India. After India we’re probably gonna tackle Africa, but that’s really far into the future. Anyway, we have lots of exciting stuff planned along the way. I want to share our journey from the very beginning, so in this post I will tell you exactly how we will make being location-independent digital nomads work.

Studying online

Getting my degree: As you might know, I’m still studying for my bachelors degree by distance learning. I’m not sure if I chose the right major to be honest, but I am so glad I enrolled in this online study programme almost 3 years ago. I will probably get a Masters degree too, once I am sure what exactly it is I want to do. Of course, by online distance learning. Studying online is perfect for digital nomads, as it allows you to develop and further your career without having to commit to a place for too long.

Learning Chinese: Speaking Chinese will be a great asset no matter what career I choose. I’ve always had a flair for languages, and I’m obsessed with learning Chinese characters. Since it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing, I want to get more serious about it. Who knows what opportunities will open up because of it.

Free Online Courses: I love MOOCS. Seriously, I think they’re one of the best inventions ever. Personally I think they are great to gain knowledge and figure out where your interests lie. I’m currently learning about SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Travel and get a degree

Working online

As I’m currently a full-time student in my final year, we have decided that I should just focus on university  and the blog this year. It feels so weird not having my own income but it’s probably for the better right now. Will is working as an online English teacher and his salary will be more than enough for both of us. However, as I’m graduating in June, I’m already trying to figure out what I want to do career wise after that. For now, it’s just university and my blog.

Blogging and finding remote work after graduating

Blogging: Well, as you can see, I started blogging. I have lots of ideas for this blog and I love having my own projects to work on. I’m not sure how long it will take to turn this into a steady income, but I will definitely try. Of course, being a full-time blogger would be amazing, but it’s not something I want to rely on. If nothing else, it will at least serve me as a portfolio to find other related work. It’s also kind of fun for me, so why not?

Digital Marketing: I’ve been doing some online courses on digital marketing and am currently eyeballing professional qualifications, MSc programmes and internship opportunities in this field. This is currently my favorite plan for after I graduate. I think going into digital marketing would be great as it can possibly done remotely and it is something that really interests me.

Travel writing: I’ve always enjoyed writing, so getting some freelance travel writing work would be a dream. I know this field is very competitive and frankly, I don’t know if I’m good enough. But trying won’t hurt, right?

Translation work: I’ve actually done this in the past and will probably continue doing it while studying, in case Will’s income isn’t enough and we need some extra cash. There’s lots of different platforms where you can find translation work and this is a great option for a bilingual digital nomad like me.

Teaching English online

As mentioned above, Will has found an amazing online teaching job with a good salary. If all my plans fail, I will probably get into online teaching as well (at least temporarily) after graduating. Both of us have previously made our money by teaching English abroad, so it seems like a logical step to give this a try. We’e also currently working on a guide to online teaching (we checked out a lot of different options and companies!), so stay tuned.

Where are we going?

Travel Map
This is just a rough plan of where we want to go. (Map adapted from Google Maps)
  • Croatia: We’re staying 1 month in Split and are planning on doing lots of day trips on the weekends
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Definitely passing through Mostar and Sarajevo.
  • Serbia: No plans yet.
  • Bulgaria: No plans yet.
  • Turkey: Considering the political situation, we will most likely go through Turkey as fast as possible. This is something we still need to research.
  • Georgia: We will probably stay here for a while and try to sort out visas and other stuff.
  • Azerbaijan: No plans yet.
  • Iran: How long we can stay here depends on what visa Will can get (stupid British passports!), but most likely we will stay 1 month.
  • Turkmenistan: We can currently only get a 5 day visa, so we’ll rush through Turkmenistan.
  • Uzbekistan: Possibly will stay here 1 month.
  • Kazakhstan: No plans yet.
  • Kyrgyzstan: We want to stay 1-2 months yet – but this depends on the internet speed!
  • China: We want to spend an initial 2 months here, and then another 1-2 months after coming back from South Korea/ Japan.
  • South Korea: No plans yet.
  • Japan: No plans yet.
  • Tibet: We’re not sure whether we will go through Tibet yet, this depends on our financial situation as well as visas.
  • Nepal: We will probably only spend 1-2 weeks in Nepal as I think the internet won’t be good enough here for Will’s teaching,
  • India: We want to spend around 6 months in India. I want to study Yoga here and eat all the food.

If going through Tibet won’t be possible we will instead go to South East Asia and enter India through Myanmar. These plans are possibly gonna change as well, as both Will and I suck at planning and are kinda impulsive.

What will I be doing?

Collect vegan recipes: Confession time: I’m obsessed with food. Seriously, ask Will how often I just talk about food (the answer is: all the time). Before going vegan, I was a lazy teenager who could only make toast. I have since turned into quite the decent cook and love trying out new recipes. I’m now on a mission to collect vegan recipes from around the world, veganise ALL THE FOOD and publish my findings on this little blog right here. You can check out my first recipe here, I made delicious vegan Cremeschnitten in Switzerland!

Create vegan country and city guides: I’m sure lots of fellow vegans know the struggle: a lot of the recommended restaurants and activities (no, I don’t want to go to the zoo or ride any elephants, thanks) are just not vegan-friendly. Of course, there’s always Happycow, but imagine you could get all your travel information in one place? Wherever we go, the plan is to create vegan city guides that cover every aspect of travelling without suggesting to harm any animals. I’ve written little mini-guides to vegan food in Phnom Penh and Luang Namtha, but I want to write more detailed guides in the future and also include things like activities and accommodation.

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  1. Hello! Good luck in your travel blogging experience. I just started to take my travel blog more seriously. I’ll look at those MOOC courses!

    1. Laura says: Reply

      Thanks! Good luck with your blog 🙂 Oh and yes, MOOCs are amazing, I think I might be slightly addicted to Coursera and co. 🙂

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